Greetings all,

This problem was quite a funny one actually and even caused a little argument between the parties involved so I thought it would like to share it with all of you.These people sit on a network and was playing games for the best part of a weekend and decided to go out and have a beer at one of our local pubs.Upon their return decided to carry on playing but there was a small!!!! of the pc’s did not have sound and we all know how frustrating that is.They started looking at all the various causes that could cause this from drivers to network to operating systems etc.To make a long story short they eventually called me and asked me “the old man”to come and have a look an d upon my arrival I asked where the pc was and what they have done so far.I asked them if the system used a adaptor for the sound and they looked at each other and replied yes.I went behind the pc and saw that the adapter for the power supply to the sound sytem was unplugged. In it,s place was a cellphone charger….uhm…uhmm..yes true!

They could not believe that some so simple was overlooked.I plugged it in and the sound was up and running.Just goes to show never ignore the most simple of causes.Excuses were then made such as most new cards are onboard etc..Iwent yah… whatever..

I found it quite hilarious.They were not as amused at all but gratefull though.