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Thread: need some help (law&security)

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    need some help (law&security)

    i'm a law student right now. but i also take cisco class (ccna). i wanna work in the security field in the future. can anyone guide me what certs to take in the future. after ccna i wanna try ccsp (what do u think?).. i'm also thinking at a cert that is not vendor specific. my biggest problem is that i study law and not computers .. is there a way that i could combine law with security ?? thanks a lot ..
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    Welcome to AO, hope that you find this site as informative as i did when i first joined.

    The only advice i could give is to study, study and study some more, then anything is possible,

    I am sure some senior members here will steer you in the right direction.....

    cheers TidaL.....

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    I would suggest maybe giving computer forensics some thought.

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    you might also want to look at Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), check:



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