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    Check out this site. It publishes electronic books free. You only have to register to have access. The boks are very well written but I dont know if they cover the areas you are interested in. HAving said that I find them very usefull as an admin.realtime publishers
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    Thanks! I'll check that out.
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    I recommend buying books on Amazon. Physically having a book makes things a little easier, and you don't have to Alt+Tab every time you switch between the tutorial in IE or Adobe to whatever software you're messing with. I found alot of good books on Amazon, used, for very good prices. Usually a good book can go from $30-$120, but I got six books for $62.

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    as stated in my post - i didn't say use this book to *hack*.
    Did I bother to ask what purpose you read books for? Uhhh... no

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    Web based books

    I'm a big fan of O'Reilly's Safari Bookshelf. You pay a monthly fee, but you can add and remove books as needed. I tend to refer to some books infrequently at best...I read through once, then put them on the shelf to get dusty. This way, I can read through it, and when I'm done (after a 30 day period that it's on my 'shelf') I can delete it and get another.

    It's very useful for some folks, not so good for others...depends on your style. But at $200 a year, for the resources I've used, if I had bought books I'd have spent 10 times that.
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