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Thread: C++ image question!

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    C++ image question!

    Hello, i have the following question about c++.

    Im trying to learn and, "play" a bit with M$ Visual Studio C++ 6.0 and i whanted to know this, how can i make an image appear by default with an app?

    I mean, like the emulator Kawaks or Nebula for ex, how can an image appear with the program itself?

    I just whanted to know this for fun, if anyone could help me i would really apreciated!

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    Hi The_Crow18,

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by making an image appear with the program itself (especially since I'm still in the beginning phases of learning c++ myself)... If you mean how to load an image during a program start, you have to use the LoadImage function somewhere in the first few lines of your code (check out http://msdn.microsoft.com for the specifics of the function). If your original intent was to load an icon of some sort, I suggest you read up on http://winprog.org/tutorial/ (I'm still reading off it, and trying to learn too), and check out the section on Resources.

    I hope this helped,


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