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Thread: Tying your shoes (with pictures)

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    Tying your shoes (with pictures)

    Ever wanted to tie your shoes? Afraid people will turn and say "look at that fool with the velcro on his feet!"? Well, be afraid no more. After this tutorial, you'll be a pro! I didn't need to rtfm and now you won't have to either (well, unless something goes wrong or my directions aren't clear).

    The first thing you need to do is get a shoe. You're on your own here. Here's the shoe I'll be using through the tutorial:

    If your shoe's laces don't look like this, contact the help desk or reset jumpers or something. Lacing your shoes is an advanced topic and as such is beyond the scope of this tutorial. For those that need a better picture, here's a close-up:

    Now that you have a shoe, we're ready to start! Okay, take the right lace and pull it across the shoe. If you don't know which side is your right side, go back to windows^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H velcro! Here's what your hand and shoe should look like:

    Yours may differ depending on whether or not you are regularly exposed to natural sunlight. Once you've got that right lace over by the left one you're going to pull it around the left one. To do this, pull the toggle (the plastic tip) of the right behind the left lace and pull it to the right. See the pic below for an idea of what it should look like:

    Pull the right toggle to the right and the left toggle to the left until a simple knot forms over the shoe. This is the easy part and after my third try i could do it with my eyes closed using only my big toe. Here's what the knot should look like:

    This next part is CRITICAL to proper shoe-tying. We're going to form a loop. To form the loop, grab an arbitrary part of the left lace and pull it towards the previously formed knot. Now, pinch this lace back against itself and hold it there like this:

    Now, pull the other lace towards the loop and put it around the loop. Now pull it through the new intersection of laces like this:

    After pulling, you'll have two loops. Pull these two loops away from each other and release! You're done! That was easy, wasn't it? Here, you can chec your results against mine and see how you did.

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    People still tie there trainers ( shoes whatever in the US ) in the UK the 'ned' culture lace there 'trainers' up so they dont need to be tied you just slip in to them with a nice fit bleh am I that drunk or is this really antionline.com

    **** it who cares
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