I recently got a virus which automatically got downloaded into my computer.
suddenlly it gives a pop up window saying
"hi I am HCZ_UX_12o11, i am your virus software. i live in your system, a know all about you ,anf my master know all about you too"
the picture is stored in filename AIVIR.JPEG

the pop up window opens a site
and then shows the above message

i downloaded the latest norton antivirus update, also the spybotSD resident and spyware blaster but of no use.

again i got a pop up from the same site that he is still present in my computer

It always tries to start a self executable file "PLEASE WAIT AS WE TRY TO OPEN THE PLUGIN "

the virus also creates a cc.c program, and other 1.dat extending to 10.dat in the c:\ (folder)
it also creates a application program 12240 witha girls photo and a shortcut in the start menu.

it does not allow me to do any work. my homepage cannot be changed. all over FREE SEX ICONS comes and this embaresses my whole family.

my computer config is: P4 1.8 ghz o/s- win98 (Earlier it wasnt giving any problem as we used to check only mail and send greetings card)
norton antivirus 2003
agp card

u guys are good, pls hellp me out.