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    LMAO! I remember a middle manager calling the sysadmin team asking for a 'high priority restore' of all contents of /etc/passwd but without a lot of detail why.

    A little digging found something like:

    $ cd /etc
    $ pbrun su -
    # ls
    # cd /etc
    # ls -al *clearcase-blah.vob
    # rm -rf *clearcase-blah.vob
    # ls -al *clearcase-blah.vob
    # rm -rf .*.vob
    # ls -al *.vob
    # rm -rf .*
    # ls -al *.vob
    # ls -al
    # ls -al /etc
    # ls -al /
    # exit

    God how funny! Horrible...cost quite a bit of production time...but we laughed so hard we got warned for 'innapropriate behavior'! You can *FEEL* the panic in that history log. Nothing like giving the clueless root-level access. Hell, I barely trust MYSELF with it.

    Good times.
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