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Thread: IP Conversion

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    IP Conversion

    I was recently reading through a security paper on packet storm security's website talking about some general security related topics. In a second about "tunneling" firewalls it discussed a way to convery IPV4 addresses into non-octet decimal form. Here's the link:


    It provided the following formula to convert the IP address to 3353565329:

    32(8) = 256
    145_+ -= 3353565329 (new identifier)

    I was wondering if someone would not mind explaining this more in depth and perhaps explain how to make the same conversion because the document was extremely vague or at least I can't figure it out. If someone could just tell me what this alternative form is called so I could look up more information on it, it'd be appriciated.

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    i think that is too complicate. Why not just convert all from dotted to hexadecimal form and AFTER convert to decimal format? ==> C7.E3.58.91 ==> C7E35891 ==> 3353565329

    Obviouslly, its the same idea of your example but.....
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