well i am from delhi , so lemme tell you this incident which happened here a few days back.


few days back there was this minor couple who had sex and captured the video in a cell phone
a few days the later the girl dumped the guy and the guy was totally pissed off he wanted to get back on the girl so he started to sell the video clip to his friends and classmates

well the video clip was initially sold to his friends at a price of Rs.100 each ,then and there on it kept on spreadg from hand to hand,via blue tooth ,infra red and MMS , this kept on spreading mainly of the name of the school . DPS is the most reputed school in delhi and people just jumped on it , soon the clip was all over delhi . this was not the end ,some one actually transferd it to mail and sent it to one of his friend in IIT khagragpur

so now the clip was roamong all over delhi
the school authorities found about it and immediatly rustigated both the boy and the girl, poor girl.
as i said the guy from IIT posted it in the site
www.bazee.com (an ebay sister concern)
and started to sell it at a cost of 500 each , he used to set up an auction and send the video clip via email .
well now the media got a hold of the clip and the cat was out of the bag the news was all over the place and now the whole of indian subcontinent had it
( india,pakisthansthanbangladesh,srilanka)
now this was a job for DELHI POLICE
well i my self am quite surpridsed how they did it but they did
they caught the guy who shot the video ( the girl escaped to canada,she was quite rich) and started to question him ,he reveled to whom all he sold the clips and after a long trail they caught the person who posted the clip .now according to the law the site bazee should not post porn and other offensive material in its site . so now the ceo of www.bazee.com was also arrested .
man what a trail .
the IIT guy has also been rustigated he was in his 8th semister (geo physical sciences)
i fell sorry for him ,IIT is really hard to get thru,its like the PRINCETON of india,and he was in his final months of graduation
poor guy

so the case still goes on and the CEO who is innocent is in jail