okay, so i feel like an idiot for even having to ask this question....but oh well....

im trying to get an image to display as background on one of my frames on my band's homepage... (disclaimer...i know very little java, even less c++, and even (more?)less about html...ive got the 'html, xhtml, and CSS bible' in front of me, and have been surfing w3schools.com for help..still cant get it to work)..okay, so what do i have to type to get this stupid .jpg to display as a background? It just doesnt do anything in that frame...(meaning, it just displays one big white empty frame)

layout is as follows....
one horizontal rectangular frame on top
one vertical rectangular frame on left
one big square frame in the remaining space (this is where i want the background image to be)

i can get the image to display as an image, but not as a background.... any ideas?

thanks in advance