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    Old pic I found

    A few months ago I took this screen shot when I noticed the AO page had "Hi Mom" on the page. This wasn't anything I could find a reason for, and I'm not sure if it's a defacement, or one of the admins being bored. I finally got the size of it down so I could post it here, as before, well, for one I couldn't find the pic and when I did it was to big to upload, and I know it's quite old, because I was using XP, which was at least 6 months ago or so. So it's quite old but I never did find out what the hell it was.
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    Hi mom!
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    Weird. Around October 20th, Negative set my Custom Title © to "Hi mom!" - do those dates coincide? Then again, my title has an additional exclamation mark, so it's probably unrelated...
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    "hi mom" is my test phrase when I'm working on code. I'm sure you ran into this while I wasn't quite done with some bit of something, or maybe I forgot to remove it before I launched changes.

    Nothing to be concerned about

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