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Thread: hdd blues

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    hdd blues

    like here is the deal
    i ve two 40gb hdd one is my main stay and the other is my back up one.Lately the second hdd devoloped error and the track 0,0 got bad ,i tried to format it but it wont do .

    i have backed up all the data i had and now i want to use the second hdd as a normal back up type thinggy ,now it won't format under win98se,do we have any other program which can set aside the bad sectors and allow the normal usage of the hdd

    its really kinda pain ful that for only one track i ve to throw away the whole hdd, but still i want to use it for as long as it is alive ( working)

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    You don't say what make they are............

    You might try getting a diagnostic tool from the maker's website...............

    At the end of the day, you really can't trust it though. It was different back in the old days when people forgot to park the drive heads and you would get a small amount of damage that would remain stable.

    Time to "bite the bullet" and buy a new one I am afraid.

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    well it is seagate ,and thanx for the use ful reply
    i also found about some third party tools like mhdd,full format etc
    thanx a lot

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    You could also try a little prog called HDD regenerator.. this is just incase it is a residual magnetism problem ... certainly give it ago before useing the sea-tools.. handy .. tool
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