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Thread: Cyber patrol

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    Cyber patrol

    can Any one tell me a software which works like cyber patrol and its free?

    THanx in advance

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    I am not sure what Cyber Patrol does these days............you might like to look at

    WinPatrol from BillP Studios

    WinSonar (Zancart)

    WinSonar is really paranoid You have to turn it off to update anything, and quite a few of your desktop icons won't launch.

    You might like to do a google for "parental control" and the like, if that is what you are after? The problem is that most of that stuff is commercial, so you have to pay.................but children are expensive............as you have probably noticed

    The two I have suggested are more protection than prevention, but I always load them on friends' machines where they have young families, as I consider them to be part of a structured solution.


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