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Thread: China opens first IPV6 backbone

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    Red face China opens first IPV6 backbone

    I am very surprised nobody has not rushed to tell everybody about this. When reading the usual Google news feeds this morning, I ran into this article:


    The move to Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) -- which delivers greater capacity than today's IPv4 Internet and 128-bit IP addresses that exponentially increase the number of possible addresses from today's 32-bit technology -- has been necessary in Asia, where countries such as China, Japan and South Korea have a shortage of available IP addresses.

    While the China Education and Research Network (CERN) highlighted the 10 gigabits-per-second speed of its new IPv6 network, CERNET2, experts indicate the shortage of IP addresses continues to be the main driver of the move to next-gen Internet.
    As for the US, http://searchnetworking.techtarget.c...995047,00.html

    Christman said that other improvements over IPv4 include increased scalability, transparency and ease of use. Also, he said IPv6 provides a means for improved bi-directional communication between applications and end users, as well as increased device and application mobility.

    "Mobile IPv4 didn't work very well," Christman said. "IPv6 was built from the ground floor for mobility."

    Critics claim that the need for IPv6 is exaggerated because the U.S. has an abundance of addresses available under IPv4.
    Fair enough.

    Recently, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) mandated that all its organizations and everyone doing business with them had to be IPv6 enabled by 2008. For Orchard and other government IT employees, that means the time to migrate is now.

    "My involvement is because of the DOD mandate," Orchard said. "We all have to migrate, so it's not really an option for us."
    That's fine as well, but as you know, when somebody has a new toy, somebody else will want that as well. We shall wait and see.
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    this is good to know that the technology is moving ahead though at a slower pace. In US they are saying it will take upto seven more years to fully convert to IPv6 from current IPv4. China felt the urgency to go ahead before others. This may lead to certain inconsistencies in the Internet. However, the effort should be there for the technologies which provide co-existence of IPv6 and IPv4.

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    Woooo, no more worries about subnetting, all hail the wonderful and powerful Hex Based Ipv6! By the way, I believe Ipv6 will be able to handle 65 536^8 = 3.40282367 10^38. The 65,536 from 2^16 and then, 65,536^ 8 due to the 8 segments it's broken into. Simply Amazing...

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    I am glad to see this thread.

    NO.11st IPv6 Wireless Router Made in China


    й̨ӵ֪ʶȨܴﵽȽˮƽĸIPV6·8ھͨ˽֯ļйѧԺԺʿ¿㡢11λרɵļίԱΪBJTU-IPV6ߣƶ·ߣƶIP缼ĺ򣬹˹ؼһ·ɼͰȫ֪ʶȨ, ˹һĿհףﵽˮƽ, õƹǰ

    just test if this site supports Simplified Chinese. Sorry.

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