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Thread: Msg Netsend question

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    Question Msg Netsend question

    How Exactly do I send "msg netsend" on my command promt??? I typ in "msg netsend" and I want to send it to another computer on my LAN, it says "netsend does not exxist or is disconected". so how woud i go about doing that and also choosing wich computer on my LAN i want to send it to.

    Hmmm....... Does anyone know this?????

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    How to use net send...

    Usual advice is to have the messenger service disabled.
    XP SP2 has it disabled as standard, as (if I remember rightly) so does XP (out of the box), so bare in mind you may have to enable it. If you're running XP you almost certainly will!

    Assuming that the service is enabled on the two computers on your LAN, and that you know the IP address of the receiving computer, the following should work:

    1) Open a command prompt window, type CMD in the RUN dialogue box.

    2) type net send ipaddress "message to send" at the command prompt

    3) Watch the message "message to send" appear on the computer with ipaddress in a popup window.

    4) Type exit at the command prompt to close the command window.
    Does that work?
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    You have to first enable messaging in your computer. If you are using xp, do the following:
    1. go to start > run > "services.msc"
    2. In the list , look for the messenger service and enable it and start it. Put it in automatic.

    You can also start it by going to command prompt and typing in "net start messenger".

    If it says service started then you can send messages using
    "net send <computer ip> <message>"
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    ok, i think al that worked but how can i find someones ip adress on my LAN??

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    Go to the computer, start cmd, type ipconfig.

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    you can also do net view and see the computer names that are connected to your network,

    then just type in like net send et2898-15 heya what's up

    where et2898-15 is the computer name...
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    go to systernals.com and get a copy of psloggedon.exe. you'll need to know the loggon name of the person your looking for. then just enter "psloggedon <username>" without the quotes. it will check every computer and list all that that user is logged into. this list will include servers s/he is logged onto so be careful and by the way net send can also use the computers network name. it doesn't have to be an ip addy.
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