I need Apple.
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Thread: I need Apple.

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    I need Apple.

    is there any way out to convert my system to MAC from windows ?

    [i have p4, 256 ram, 40gb hdd, ........]

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    A Hawaiian company specializing in streaming video claims to have developed a $50 software emulator that allows a Windows PC to run Apple Computer's Mac OS X.

    or PearPC

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    i tired pearpc and it worked pretty well besides being a little bit slow. you have to find an iso of a mac install disc on the internet or rip one off of a disc that you own though. if you're going to do that you should get something like macdrive so you can write to your emulated mac hard drive from windows.

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    well thats intresting i nvr used a mac ,
    curious well won't there be hardware issuses in mac ,how about we upgrade after changng to mac
    will it take it?

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