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Thread: netcat 1.11 for Windows is released

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    netcat 1.11 for Windows is released

    Application: Netcat for Windows 1.1
    Platform: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
    Severity: Remote code execution
    Status: Fixed, new version available
    Date: 12/27/2004


    Netcat for Windows 1.1 has a buffer overflow vulnerability that allows
    remote execution of code. It is exposed when netcat is run using the -e
    option which execs a process and pipes the listening socket io to the
    stdio of the exec'd process.

    Note that this issue does not exist in netcat for the unix platform.


    doexec.c (line 445) was missing a check to see if BufferCnt had incremented
    past the end of the recieve buffer. With the check in place the buffer is
    flushed before it overwrites the end. The following new line adds the

    if (RecvBuffer[0] == '\n' || RecvBuffer[0] == '\r' ||
    BufferCnt > BUFFER_SIZE-1) {


    A fixed version, Netcat for Windows 1.11, is available at:


    Hat Squad discovered this vulnerabiltiy. Hat Squad's advisory is available
    at http://www.hat-squad.com/en/000142.html
    Source: http://www.vulnwatch.org/netcat/netcat-111.txt
    For downloading: http://www.vulnwatch.org/netcat/
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    Wow, who would of thought about netcat being vulnerable to a buffer overflow. Makes me want to take a little look at the source, and see if I can find anything.

    Nice little read.

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