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Thread: Favorite Shortcuts...

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    Favorite Shortcuts...

    Whats your favorite little networking/OS short cuts that make your life as an IT profesional easier?
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    My favorite shortcuts are as follows


    the edit keyboard shortcuts such as ctrl+v ctrl+c etc.

    the windows key combo's such as windows_key+d to minimize all windows and windows_key+f to search etc.

    More advanced.

    right click an empty area in explorer and goto new--->shortcut. when the screen comes up asking you to select a program simply type in certain commands such as "net start telnet" and it will create a shortcut to the command where every you place the shortcut file. and then what makes this trick sweeter is you can then assign a keyboard shortcut to that file such as shift+t+l. I once made a shortcut to the site dictionary.com so that when ever i needed to look a word up i just pressed ctrl+shift+d and viola!

    Thats all i got for now.
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    windows key + pause break

    the ultimate combo in any situation (however, it does not compare to ctrl+alt+delete)

    double//cut out
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