Perceptrons code?
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Thread: Perceptrons code?

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    Perceptrons code?

    Does anyone know the code in either perl or C++ for perceptrons?

    Perceptrons, for those who don't know, are like electronic neurons in AI.
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    An introductory comment:

    If you are just a starter into the world of neuronal networks,
    I recommend also to study fluxes in a network in parallel. The
    later can be used in large scale "ethernet" networks (in the
    end possibly well paid ), and the correlations between the two
    are large. For a start, check Robert Sedgewick's Algorithms[1].
    Well, in any case, Sedgewick's book is a must.

    A MATLAB comment:

    I have no experience with the c/c++ packages I mention below,
    but they made the impression to create a good fundament to built
    upon. However, if you have available MATLAB I highly recommend the
    neuronal network toolbox[2]. It is easy to develop in this framework
    and quite similar to c/c++. And it is an industrial standard.

    Some c/c++ packages/libraries:

    A collection of basic implementation/algorithms can be found at
    neural-networks-at-your-fingertips[3]. A typical project is
    Annie[4], some more general machine-learning environment can
    be found at Torch[5].


    If you are already familiar with the backpropagation algorithms,
    you may have noticed it is very slow/inefficient in realistic
    scenarios. A good paper[6] dealing with its optimization has been written
    by Schiffmann (a google for "schiffmann neural network" also is interesting).
    A kind of review can be found at the datamininglab[7], which also deal with
    global network optimization.

    You did not specify your current state of knowledge, so I tried
    to cover the whole spectrum a little bit.

    Have fun (it's been a while I played with these, but I really enjoyed
    it - and got paid at the same time).


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    I am relatively completely new to this subject. This fascinates me nonetheless, though!
    My name is simians may refer to me merely as \'sir\' for a less syllable-intensive workout.

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