Thought I'd post both topics in 1 thread to cutdown spam.

I. Starting off in Linux:

I'm starting my 2nd box on Linux to teach myself more about the OS, I read tutorials and alot of the "what's the best distro" threads and I think Slackware would be the best to learn more about Linux without having it hold my hand through everything and without becoming suicidal at the same time.

I read the tutorials and command basics, ect (and also looked at some of the posted links), but was wondering if anyone had any recommended sites I might find of interest. I would also like more personalized tips on starting a server and securing it, if possible.

I've noticed alot of the distros carry Perl language programs, is it worth learning the language and using? I am a n00b on the subject, and will surely be doing quite a few Google searches this afternoon.

II. OS Loyalty:

For the second subject, I was wondering if people had certain loyalties towards their OS'. Do people just move to the 'better' ones, or would you rather plug and advertise for a certain one, and help them become the 'better' distro, or w/e?

Not sure how to explain exactly what I mean, but I think you'd get what I'm talking about.

Anyways, all feedback is appreciated as usual.