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Thread: setup Webcam WebSite

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    setup Webcam WebSite

    I need some help. I want to "setup a Webcam on my website", that I am gonna be making. I'm not exactly sure how to setup the webcamera to display on my website. So I'm asking the experts. I have an E-vision123 digital camera/web camera that comes with the web camera software. I am currently running Windows XP Professional with SP2. I am running Windows Firewall enabled on a broadband ADSL connection. I plan on using the 10megabytes of webspace my ISP gives me to do this. Anyone have any ideas on how this could be done? I did a google search but really didnt get the answers I needed. Thank you.

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    You need 2 softwares..
    A web camera software that will save a picture every X minutes...

    A software that will upload this picture every x minutes to your website.
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