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Thread: Resistant Spyware

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    Resistant Spyware

    ok, I have XP with AdAware and Spybot. When I do a scan, I get a couple returns, DSO exploit and WWWCoolWeb. I remove them but next time I reboot, they are right back there. Now, I can't remember how to boot into safe mode ( I was thinking that could ease my troubles a little ) but, my question is this;
    A) How do I boot into safe mode ( is it f8 or shift f8 or what and when ? )
    B) How would I be able to effectivaley remove this spy/ad-ware ?

    Your help would be appreciated
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    It's F8...................keep hitting the key as it boots up.

    I would also suggest that you get CWShredder, and run that in safe mode. It specialises in removing Cool Web Search.

    Then run the Housecall online scanner from Trend Micro.

    Let us know how you get on.

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    And the DSo exploit (provided you have ALL of the MS updates for IE and XP), is a ghost in the Spybot snd prog.. that is if the registry entry is to do with the ZONES (too lazy to list the series of key normaly listed..)
    so the DSo may be an item of little concern
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