I am an avid online gamer. Lately I have been noticing a problem with Medal of Honor Allied
Assault (MOHAA). Every time I try to connect to my server, it just sits there for a while. Some
times it wil eventually connect, some times it times out. If I do get in, everything works fine
until the map is over. When the map changes some times my system just sits at the last maps
scores result page and does nothing and I have to reconnect. Some times it just sits at the
last maps scores result page and I can see console messages from the next map being played
but I am not in that map yet. The thing is my server's IP start with 69.x.x.x and my IP starts
with 69.x.x.x and I have this problem on all servers that start with 69.x.x.x when playing
MOHAA. If I go to a different server that does not start with an IP of 69.x.x.x, I have no
problems. When I play Battle Field Vietnam or Call of Duty and connect to any server that has
an IP that starts with 69.x.x.x I have no problems at all connecting or at map changes. System
config is below. Any Ideas?

Pentium 4 2.8Ghz HT
Ti 4200 8X AGP
MS XP SP2 (was working before and after SP2 update)
Internet connection is Cable Surfboard 4100
NetGear 614 cable Router

This configuration has been the same before the problem started and after.