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Thread: Stopping P2P

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    Dr Toker, I had already thought about that, but it is impossible because on LimeWire you can change the port! This is why I was requested another method, and I found the answer:

    Linux ip firewall technology known as "layer 7 packet classification" which goes from the type of traffic rather than the port.
    see if you can set bandwidth limitations per client, or something like that. or just close all non essential ports.
    Thanks to everyone who replied, I think it's safe to say you're all geniuses!

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    You can change the local port number that p2p clients use - but not the remote port that servers use. True, they don't *all* run on well-known ports, but most do.

    So block by destination address rather than source. If his p2p client cannot connect to a p2p matchup server, it won't be able to find other p2p clients to leech off and vice versa.

    For example if you look at this edonkey server list, you can see what ports most of them run on - just block outgoing connections to all of those port nos, and your problem should mostly disappear.

    If he finds new ones which run on a different port, simply block those too.

    Or block all outgoing traffic from his machine except for web, mail, dns etc


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