which compiler?????
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Thread: which compiler?????

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    which compiler?????

    for using c and c++ which compiler i should choose between........................?????????

    either turbo c/c++ ,borland, microsoft ( any other plz specify)
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    That is going to give you a pretty good summarization of Windows (win32 based) compilers. Read through those and see which one would best suit your needs, wallet, and speed.

    Be sure to go onto the next couple of pages as well to see tests ran on the various compilers.

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    I've personally used Dev C++ from Bloodshed Software for some C programming. It also does C++, resource scripts, header files, etc. Nice interface and it's free.
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    MsMittens has just said one of the best compliers for C++/C. It has a nice GUI and is very easy to use. I personally would go with this one.

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    same here, i've got a copy of msvc++ 6.0 too, but i always use dev-cpp...
    great compiler

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    If you're compiling for an Intel box, you could always check out icc from Intel. GCC is also quite nice and supported on a large variety of platforms.
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    I use Borland Borland C++ 5.5.1 with Turbo Incremental Link as my compiler but use Dev-C++ as my IDE - syntax highlighting is really nice.

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    thank's a lot i wil defenatly goin 2 try that
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    how about dev_cpp


    i always use this compiler
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