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Thread: Forum for pentration testing

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    Forum for pentration testing

    Hi all,

    After seeing mang threads about penetration testing i thought i should put forward a suggestion. I think that the board administrators should start another forum especially for pentration testing. If there is no obligation and overhead. As this will benefit both the admins and the other AO users. As far as tutorials are concerned ones relating to penetration testing should be categorzied, e.g. testing a firewall, a windows based box, a **nix box, a windows server etc. This will surely increase the productivity and popularity (as i think).


    Note: I think AO users should add comment whether thy think it is benficial for both AO and security community.
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    I'd support that.....
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    I'd also support that, as penetration testing is something I'm currently looking to improve myself in. I'm hoping it gets implemented.
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    same here nice idea

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