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Thread: My thread has been closed by the AP system without someone assigning AP's?

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    My thread has been closed by the AP system without someone assigning AP's?


    i started a thread a few days ago here, but somehow the thread is closed due to the AP system:
    This thread has committed suicide.
    Due to the overall poor quality of the discussion that was
    taking place in this thread, the AntiPoints System has
    automatically closed it from further posts.
    however, there is noone who had assigned positive OR negative posts to the thread, i even got positive AP's for the question, so why is this thread closed? is it a bug ?
    normally when a mod closes a thread they leave a note behind why they closed it, but this time i am really confused about it

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    BinaryBrother must have recieved an extream amount of antipoints (negs that is). There were positives given in the tread also, and they should have balenced out a normal negative hit, so I would say that BinaryBrother got hit by several seniors with high antipoints.

    You might want to pm MsMittens or Negative and see if they will reopen the thread for you.
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    There are two ways a thread gets closed by the AP system.

    1. Points awarded to the thread itself (none in this case)
    2. Points awarded to individual posters.

    If you check the invividual posts, you will see that you and Pooh received positive points. BinaryBrother, on the other hand, got a real hammering...............that is what closed it.


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    yeah of course, that i didn't think of that....

    i think i'll leave it like this since the thread wasn't really helping me on this point.. only pooh and Maestr0 posted things that really helped

    thanks for your replies..

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    Fixed. Next time send a note to a mod and one of us can remove the posts that caused the thread to close. It's a rarity to see a single post cause this but it can happen to even good threads.
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    thanks msmittens, i will next time, i just didn't realized that one poster could damage a thread that much

    i will keep it in mind for next time

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