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Thread: Good books to read?

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    Good books to read?

    does anyone know of any good books on security/hacking? i have been looking at some books in barnes and noble but not sure if they are worth the money. some are pretty pricey!

    -thanks in advance-

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    Try zis on fer size

    Here are some of the references from my original thread:

    Originally posted here by whatthe
    I'm more a web guy than books right now. I'd check through the Tutorials section to get an idea of some of the topics out there.

    Some websites to browse through are CERT http://www.cert.org/ and SANS http://www.sans.org/

    Computer books can be damn expensive so you might want to look around a bit before you plunk down your cash.

    Hope this helps.
    Originally posted here by rowdy_yates
    try this one if you can find it cheap.

    Hacking Linux Exposed, Second Edition

    it's actually a lot of fun and usedful for getting an idea of how to secure linux/unix variants.

    obviously, the hack probably won't work on most system - but definatly a good read and education.
    Originally posted here by MURACU
    Check out this site. It publishes electronic books free. You only have to register to have access. The boks are very well written but I dont know if they cover the areas you are interested in. HAving said that I find them very usefull as an admin.realtime publishers

    I'll look around with search and see if I can find a few more and edit 'em in. Hope that helps.

    AntiOnline Product/Book Reviews (AO forums)
    AntiOnline Tutorial Index (tutorials written by our very own gurus here at AO)
    Security Tutorial Index (Somewhat the same as above, only the direct Security portion)

    I figure you can find some books in the Book forum (), and some of the tutorials are VERY well written and probably alot more helpful than a corperate book (seeing as the people writing them have alot of experience with what they're writing about).

    Oh, and Welcome to AntiOnline!
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    thanks a lot, i'll look into all of those

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    Well if your like me and you like to hold the book in your hand a read it offline, a great place to look is :

    1. www.campusi.com <- find the book you like first then go here to check prices against 60 vendors, i got the 4th edition hacking exposed book for about $5.00 plus shipping :-)

    2. Ebay also has som good prices, but you have to like the bidding game.

    Hope those help.
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    Just bear in mind that most of the vulnerabilites disscused in the books have had patches released for them by the time the book hits the shelf.

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    try "hacking: the art of exploitation". I found it pretty helpful on how memory and the CPU work. Plus, it gives good examples to go along with the reading

    That is the only book that I have that i feel is good enough to mention
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    One I was recommended in here which I bought is "Network Security Assessment" published by O'Reilly.

    I've got a support background rather than programming but I'm finding it not pitched at too high a level.

    Another one was "Network security Hacks" again on O'Reilly. I've only scanned through this one but it looks useful.

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    The Shellcoders Handbook : Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes
    by Authors: Jack Koziol , David Litchfield , Dave Aitel , Chris Anley , Sinan "noir" Eren , Neel Mehta , Riley Hassell
    Released: 22 March, 2004
    ISBN: 0764544683

    Exploiting Software How to Break Code
    By Greg Hoglund, Gary McGraw
    Publisher : Addison Wesley
    Pub Date : February 17, 2004
    ISBN : 0-201-78695-8

    2 good books if you are into programming/assembly

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    I highly recommend Kevin Mitnick's The Art of Deception as well. It doesn't touch much on the technical side of hacking, but it's teaches some startling lessons on social engineering, which goes hand-in-hand with successful hacking.

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    Personally, I think that the greatest bit of social engineering Kevin Mitnick has done is getting everyone to buy his book. (No offense Angelic)
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