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Thread: 2600 Fall 04 Article Request

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    2600 Fall 04 Article Request

    I am looking for a High Res Scan of the Mac Laptop Security Article where they describe how to set up a cron job with a call home beacon. Can Anyone scan it in high res and email it to me? Or OCR it and post it here?

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    I know nothing about Macs, but setting up a cron job should surely be the same as on bsd? or any other unix for that matter? why not google for "cron job tutorial"?

    I dunno how much success u'll have with getting someone to send you a copy, but what does the homing beacon do? send the IP address to an email address???

    surely a simple bash(? is it bash on macs?) would work?

    use this method here to get your IP --> http://www.linuxforum.com/linux_tutorials/13/1.php

    And then modify this autoresponder to use sendmail to send it? http://www.geocities.com/usmbish/hdi-autoresponder.html

    youll probably have more success creating your own that trying to get someone to send you the article


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