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Thread: Anyone else seeing quarrantined spyware?

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    Anyone else seeing quarrantined spyware?

    Over the weekend I saw our Symantec CE quarrantine some Incredimail and Incredifind files (executable and installers). My first reaction was: "Yippee!"

    These may actually be trojans, though. Or, this may be related to the new California Anti-spyware law.

    Anyone else seeing this from Symantec or any other AV vendor?

    BTW, I do daily intelligent updates on my CE. I don't wait for the auto-updates.

    OK, I just figured out that the Incredifind files my system quarrantined over the weekend were actually Bloodhound trojans. Yuck.

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    and the reason you didn't delete this post is ...?... we need more self answered questions?

    bloodhound is a generic term which includes the gui vuln and many more. i use the corp ed. and have had n/p.
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