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    One thing i dont get (may sound like a n00b here) but when people on hacking sites post, how come they arent picked up by the 'E' System?????

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    WTf is the E System ?
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    I think he means Echelon .

    but when people on hacking sites post, how come they arent picked up by the 'E' System?????
    Because the FBI has better things to do than go after a bunch of kids yapping about their latest defacement. I believe that Echelon was more for things like terrorism and such. I cannot imagine that they'd respond to every little post without doing some type of investigation. The amount of false positives would be huge!
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    I think that MsM has go it. Too small fish to fry.

    If you send data you get the message "this is been sent over an insecure link....or whatever"
    You don't need something like ECHELON to intercept that sort of traffic.

    If a hacking site was that much of a problem a single phone call would close it? But maybe they are left open so that the posters can be monitored .................after all, they are all connecting to a SINGLE and KNOWN site.

    Something like ECHELON is monitoring general traffic, and would be a total waste of resource?

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    Even Microsoft stated that it is too expensive and time consuming to follow up on IP Violations

    One of M$ big mistakes was the MS04-011 vulnerability, took just over a few weeks to capture the creator of the Sasser worm, but it cost M$ $US250,000 to get the information they wanted.

    Im 100% sure if M$ had to spend quater million to get information from an allied country (germany i think it was) think how much it would cost the FBI to catch some kids in China
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