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    Was wondering if ne of u know of ne good free keyloggers, I was using PKL but it keeps messing up for some reason, don't know if my adaware picks it up and trashes it or not. It's just for my own system, like to make sure parents aren't installing their own keylogger on my notebook when I'm home on break. Have some sensitive information coming in and out of here, so just want to make sure Thnx.

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    I realize that this probably isn't what you're after for advice but why don't you ask your parents to respect your privacy. If that doesn't work password it in the OS or in the BIOS if your OS isn't secure. Good luck
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    Home Keylogger 1.70
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    LogIt from EES.

    Not sure if that's what your looking for, but it's a keylogger.

    AO Downloads - Keyloggers

    Here's a keylogger compilation from AO, might be something to look at.
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    like to make sure parents aren't installing their own keylogger on my notebook when I'm home on break
    I would be more worried about security when you are at school?


    WinSonar from Zancart

    WinPatrol from BillP Studios

    The first will prevent the software from loading in the first place. The second will tell you all about stuff that runs on your computer.

    Otherwise you already have some good advice on passwords and encryption.

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