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    Well, it seems that safe mode got us a bit closer?

    FROM ric-o's post:

    1. Stay in Windows which was booted normally
    1. (if not installed already) Install CWShredder: http://www.intermute.com/spysubtrac...r_download.html

    When you get online, follow that link and ric-o's instructions. that should deal with Cool Web search for you.


    Firstly, Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer and Outlook are linked, so a problem in one can cause a problem in the others. Next step is to go back to Tedob1's post and follow his instructions.

    That will check the integrity of your Windows files.

    jinxy is also right it could be that your TCP/IP stack is corrupted, it is also possible that your LSP stack is corrupt. A typical symptom of this is being able to connect to your ISP, but not to the internet.

    Go here:


    And copy the LSP-fix program onto a floppy. Get the instructions and read them first!!!!

    Let us know how you get on, as we have not finished yet.............we need to "harden" that box or all this nonsense will happen all over again.....( I am sure that you love her....but not THAT much )

    Good luck

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    thanks guys all is well now

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