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Thread: I dont know why i'm posting this here

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    I dont know why i'm posting this here

    as i told you "I dont know why i'm posting this here" on the 26th of december my father died as he got caught in the tsunami that hit south india. We are staying at Kalpakkam where a nuclear power plant is situated and my dad used to work there. on sunday morning the tunami hit us . our house is situated on the coast. the wave hit both me and my dad. He died. I got out of the water 3 hrs from then about a km from my house not knowing that he was dead.I got the news about it only at 7 PM. And only today i have gathered the courage to come and post about it here in AO. He was 43 and i'm now in high school . I'm 16 i have a sister and a mother.There lies a ? to my future. I am supposed to go to college in June 05.
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    M3mph15..I'm very sorry about your loss and your situation...I know how it is to lose people close to you...I come from a family of seven and only two are left...myself and one of my brothers.

    As a father of three, one son and two daughters I can say with absolute certainty that your father would want you to continue on to college, in fact it would be honoring his memory if you did.

    Every father wants his children to succeed and face the future confidently with your head up...this tragedy should not victimize you twice...go on to college and do it knowing that your father is there encouraging you on and will be there when you succeed...this is the best way to honor your fathers memory because that's what he would want you to do !

    Peace and god go with you, my friend...I'm sure you'll make your father very proud !

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    There is not much anyone can say except we are here and listening. I sincerly hope that you make it to collage in june.
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    I don't know what to say here ....................But just this Make your father proud ................Goto the Colledge Complete your Education ....................I am sure that's what your Father wanted you to do.

    Don't let this "?" on you Future hang there for long .

    Best of Luck in Life..............you will be in my prayers..........I can just Pray for you

    --Good Luck--

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    You HAVE to attend college, it IS what your father would have wanted if he had lived.

    Your survival, means that you have a chance to build on what your father started for you.

    I'm 16 i have a sister and a mother
    You ARE too young to have to make this sort of choice.
    But to care for your family means you have no real choice, you must educate / train yourself, not JUST to care for family, but for yourself.

    Do not worry about making your Mother proud, she IS proud of you.
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    You have my symphaty.

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    I know why you're posting it here...

    because the members of AO can make someone feel somewhat little better....

    Good luck with everything.
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    I'm very sorry for your loss man. I lost my father a year and a half ago, and my uncle a year before that. Six months ago, one of my friends passed away. Just keep in mind, that it brings your father the greatest joy in the world that you survived the Tsunami and that somewhere in heaven, he's proud of you.

    Best of Luck to you!

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    You survived ...

    there was a reson for this! It may not be clear to you right now, but one day you will reflect and see why.

    I feel for you in your situation, as do the other posters in this thread. I have been in a very similar situation to yourself, I spent a week watching my father die. It was not pleasant at all!

    My advice would be:

    1) Grieve for your father in whatever way is appropriate to you.

    2) Pick up your life with determination, and forge ahead in the direction you wish to go. Speaking as a father myself, this is truly what your father would wish for you to do.

    It may be little consolation right now in this emotional time, but this experience will in some way develop you as a person. I like to think of my similar experience as being a character developer. Let me explain with a quote (I don't know the source)

    In life you can not always determine what you experience. You can, however, determine how you react / respond to those experiences.
    I would suggest you need to talk to someone you can truly confide in and trust about your situation.

    If you feel I could help Private Message me or send me an email.

    Oh and remember:

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    My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

    As a mom, I know that what your mom is going to want is for you to do the best you can for yourself, and go to college. I'm not sure if the issue is money, I'm thinking that might be it. I know that this will all work out for you in the long run, but it may take awhile to see the answers.

    Good Luck!
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