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    Hi mom!
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    Off by half a continent

    That (Microsoft ad running on front page, see attachment) is not where Switzerland is. They're only off by half a continent.

    Call me a nitpicker, but this is just plain stupid. They're running an add featuring the Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland (presumably a big client), but they don't have the courtesy of spending half a minute to at least get the country right. You even could argue they got the wrong continent (the dot points to some location in either Belarus or Russia). Come on multi-billion company, get your basic facts straight.
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    Heh heh heh, it makes you wonder where the other dots are suppose to represent.
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    that on South America may be Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires
    Who cares? Isnt Buenos Aires the Capital of Brazil?
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    Hi Guus,

    Well spotted, it looks like Russian to me, round about Smolensk..............maybe the Swiss have outsourced their server support to Russia?

    Or as a conspiracy theory: it is deliberate, to scare their workers into not asking for pay rises? in case they do get outsourced

    OK, I am joking, but on a more serious note, there have been a lot of helpdesk/support jobs outsourced to India from this country.................and that is for real!


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