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Thread: non-posting sticky

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    non-posting sticky

    The above is a link to a stickie thread.

    It is being posted to, and that is the suggestion :

    Could we make the sticky non-postable, [as per roll-call] ?
    Mods and admin could still add there 2c as required.

    I did sort of postulate this in the thread in question

    Originally posted here by foxyloxley
    The site has AP's ...

    Live with it.

    Also this is a 'sticky' thread, so it might have been better to have linked to it.

    As for your opinion, it is yours, no one will take it away, and there are people here who NEVER follow the forum line, and they are STILL here.

    AP's were introduced, as far as I can tell, to allow the membership to 'self-police' the forum, to try and contain / quash flame wars [although I've seen AP's CAUSE a few ] they have their faults, but they are here AND now.

    And also, I have added to a 'sticky' when I SHOULD have linked........................
    Any response to the thread could be via a URL link.........

    Any thoughts ?

    The reason for this would be to allow the sticky to stay 'clean' and easier to read ............

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    Ya. It's called "closed thread"
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    I think now's a good time to close it, given the sheer genius and tact of the last post made, which I think is completely and absolutely beyond any possible argument.

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    Let me guess ?

    No, I can't imagine who it could have been, I'll just take a peek..................

    AK ........... What a suprise
    AND closed ....... the POWER.

    So, I take it that's a No then

    So maybe you copy TWO posts ?
    One IS the sticky, the other just acts as a header for replies ?
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