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Thread: Mom Says Black Girl Can't Be A Slave Owner

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    Mom Says Black Girl Can't Be A Slave Owner

    Can you imagine how much stuff would have hit the fan if this little black girl was made to be the slave instead of the slave owner???? Sheeesh!!!! Once again having their cake and eating it too.

    Full Article: http://www.timesdispatch.com/servlet...80000256&path=!news&s=1045855934842
    A parent in Virginia is having a hissy fit because her 9-year-old daughter played the role of a slave owner during a classroom lesson that involved a mock slave auction, reports the Richmond Times Dispatch.

    Michelle Wilson says her daughter came home one day from Swift Creek Elementary School in Chesterfield County saying she had bought a slave as part of a fourth-grade lesson.

    Wilson says the role-playing exercise, which has been used to teach students about slavery for several years, was demeaning and degrading. She is demanding that Chesterfield's teachers be subjected to diversity training to make up for the transgression.
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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    Why are surrounded by snotty spoiled whiners in this country?

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    It is generally perceived to be the beginning of the end for a society when they allow stupid little f**k ups like this to live past puberty.

    All the school is / was ? doing is / was showing a REAL event from your / our history......
    However : some ****tards will NEVER let a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good WHINE........ :Steeeeeeeeeeam: :aaaaaaaaaaaarghhhh:

    Ahhhhh : thats SO much better.
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    Frankly I think the teacher was a screaming idiot for using that particular method...

    Why? It's NO WIN for the teacher - someone always gets humiliated, tells their parents, who raise hell about it. End result: (and watch for it, because it'll happen) Teacher gets fired.

    How should we teach the kids about slavery then you ask? Good question. I won't get into the answer because it's no win.
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    Something that came to mind to me the other day (while watching the History Channel) was this....I hadn't thought of it, but there were numerous black slave owners in certain pockets of the US, Williamsburg VA and New Orleans LA to name two off the top of my head. Now...if we go back to the old issue of "40 acres and a mule" (or re-imbursement for being black in a country where black people were once slaves) ... do the descendants of these people qualify for money because one of their ancestors may have been a slave, despite the fact that they themselves are descended from slave owners?

    I'm not sure this makes sense, it was straight in my brain, but didn't neccesarily come out straight when I tried to type it.
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    I would think it should depend on why the money was beiing handed out. If it was because slaves when they were freed had basically no way to make a living and need a help to get started then no as their ancestors would have, as slave owners, had land and property. If on the other hand it was to compensate them for the fact that their ancestors were kidnapped from their homes and brought half way around the world to be use as cheap labor well I suspose they would qualify.
    On the main topic of this thread if it was so common to see stories liek this coming from the states I would find it funny as it is it is just sad.
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    ancestors were kidnapped from their homes and brought half way around the world to be use as cheap labor well I suspose they would qualify.
    Which was done by other blacks in their home land. It's still happening today in Africa, pan Asia, India etc. RIGHT NOW, Children are being kidnapped by the hundreds if not thousands in the Tsunami areas. Their parents are gone. having been killed by the waves so they are being stolen and victimized for slave trade. And this is 2005.

    We are breeding a society of victims not leaders. Instead of learning how terrible it feels to be a slave, the issue becomes Mommy I was ebarassed. Boo hoo, I would be thinking man that sucks, when I grow up and am never going to let that happen to those in my country.

    At the same time this woman who had a black girl come home and say she bought and sold a slave could pretty much piss her off. In her point of view perhaps it's better left alone than talked about? Who knows. However she did elevate it to the media so that doesn't wash either.
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