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Thread: Where to donate My Tsunami Relief Money?

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    Where to donate My Tsunami Relief Money?

    Instead of making more fun of liberals, like I normally do, here is a more serious topic than I normally post.

    With all of the "History" that the United Nations has with the Oil For Food program, can someone please tell me why I, being an American, should give my hard earned money to the United Nations or UNICEF (as Kofi Annan is suggesting); as opposed to donating my money to private and proven relief organization such as the Red Cross? As we all know the history involved, is it not significantly more prudent to keep my money as far from the UN as possible? At least if I expect the monies I donate to actually make it to the people that need help.
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    Leave it to the most charitable Nation on Earth to be the first to reach the people. Why you might ask? Well we have the wherewithal and infrastructure. That’s what counts! I'm not too terribly impressed with the main bitchers in the world France and Germany etc...... However little Taiwan is another story giving $50 million.

    http://www.usafreedomcorps.gov/ (Look at that Eagle Scout in the flash banner)

    U.S. Navy helicopters "appeared like angels”, and that's why we have a $350 billion dollar military budget. Other countries aid workers are looking on impotently and tangly because their country sent them without any means of infrastructure.

    I don't really get the comment by the United Nations' humanitarian-aid chief calling our donation "stingy." When France had only earmarked 100,000 euro ($175,160) for relief at the time?

    I guess somebody had to educate him about who the most charitable Nation on Earth is.

    "United States is the world's largest food aid donor by far. In 2004, the United States provided $826,469,172 -- almost a billion dollars -- to the United Nations World Food Program. The next largest donor, the European Union, contributed $187,102,068. This, despite the fact that the European Union has a total population of 453 million, compared with the USA's 281 million, and a gross domestic product that is larger than that of the United States."

    How is that for socialist redistribution of wealth? (the list goes on)

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