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Thread: IKE in IPSec

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    IKE in IPSec

    I understand IPSec is a combination of AH+EAS+IKE+Payload compression.
    Internet key system works in two phases. It uses Oakley & ISAKMP.

    I dont understand how IKE manages authentication and key exhanges. If any one can throw light on this I will be thankful.

    Thank you.

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    I typed IKE as Internet Key System by mistake.... correction

    IKE - Internet Key Exchange.

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    Post This might help...

    IKE is defined in RFC 2409, and is one of the more complicated of the IPSec protocols to comprehend. In fact, it is simply impossible to truly understand more than a real simplification of its operation without significant background in cryptography. I don't have a background in cryptography and I must assume that you, my reader, do not either. So rather than fill this topic with baffling acronyms and unexplained concepts, I will just provide a brief outline of IKE and how it is used.

    I'd have to agree with this statement wholeheartedly...having done a fair amount of work supporting VPN's and authentication systems, I really don't completely get IKE myself. It's automagical
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    IKE and IPSec

    Best book I have ever seen/read on IKE and IPSec was " IPSec - the new security standard for the internet, intranets and virtual private networks" ISBN - 0-13-011898-2. Helped me out several times in the past.

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