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Thread: Multiple CD Burner???

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    Question Multiple CD Burner???

    I'm looking for 2 products

    1: A product that will burn multiple copies of a CD all at once.
    2: A product that will burn a copy of a cd at multiple times. Like I put in 5 different CD's and I get 1 copy of each of the CD's I put in or get multiple copies. Something that will do it all at once.

    I know I could probably just buy 5 of product number 1 but I'm looking for something that has it all in one. Doesn't anything know of any Good Products number 1 or 2?

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    You mean like these:

    Go Greenwood
    Corporate Systems

    Google Search for more..

    Alternatively, you could build your own tower and use software that will support multiple CD Burners/recorders/Duplicators.
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