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Thread: Controversial Topics in the information technology feild.

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    Exclamation Controversial Topics in the information technology feild.

    I have been assigned an English research project on current controversial topics. I'm making this post in an effort to help increase the number of technology related topics that i can suggest to my teacher and to aid in the brainstoming proccess of collecting usable topics, so any suggestions on technology/computer security/computer related topics would be greatly appreciated.

    So far some of the ones that I have thought up are

    -Giving Bosses access to their employees network files.
    -The Illegal trade of media files through P2P sharing networks

    If you have any suggestions that fall under a topic that someone has already listed but your idea is more specific then please post your suggestion.

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    The fact that upper management of IT is still Finance peoples who have no idea of the ROI on computer investment on overall productivity.
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    I think that Simon means "outsourcing"...............it is not only offshore, it could be home based as well........IBM, CSC and so on? that is a pretty big issue.

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    Government intervention into private sector network security.

    Open source versus copywrited material. The benefits, the drawbacks. Social and economic impact, future trends and the developing cases in Europe.

    Have fun...
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    One of the biggest issues out there.

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    Monitoring software to oversee the actions of employess, stundents etc.

    Even though most organizations have the users sign AUP documents agreeing to the fact they may be watched, most users don't really agree with it but sign it anyway.

    I think that if you signed it, live with it..but a lot of people won't see it that way. Most people aren't in the position to refuse a job because of a technolgy AUP.
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