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Thread: Sims 2 hacks article @ Security Focus

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    Post Sims 2 hacks article @ Security Focus

    Sims 2 hacks spread like viruses
    For those of you not familiar with The Sims and it's sequal The Sims 2...get out of your cave every once in awhile...

    Seem's that users who have shared a house they've built are also sharing any hacks or game enhancements they've installed as well. When another player downloads the house and loads it in the game, all hacks from the creator are in the house file, and get loaded as well. They also take affect, so any modified items or behaviors from the creator take affect as well.

    Sounds like a trojan to me...
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    So obviously something needs to be added to verify the integrity of the objects in a house file if the user wants...

    But other than that, unless it can exceed the bounds of the game and execute arbitrary code, it's really just a nuisance.

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    it shouldnt be too hard to disguise a milacious code as a hose file so it gets downloaded, then gets executed by the game. It wouldnt show a house but it will have been executed none the less.
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