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Thread: digging the net

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    digging the net

    how do u search the internet?

    of course you will all say, search engines

    but if really wanna search, would i depend on a commercial service to find the results
    what about sites that are not registred to search engines ? what about hiding stuff from search engines ?

    how do you search.

    my methodes so far:
    search engines
    reading and following links
    making logical connections, and browsing
    from friends or ppl specially on my msn or in forums and mailing lists

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    Start by searching 'google' on the AO website. That might help.
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    Every hacking net session (usually morning for about an hour or two before work) is when i extensivly use searches.

    Google, obviously, wouldnt mind a counter to see how many times i have
    GDS (Google Desktop Search), for searchin older previously visited webpage
    View New Posts, this is GOD. Means i can reliably check for posts im interested in, 0days, etc etc

    OK then, thats all i can remember atm

    but my point is, the nets a big place, and not one method will ever become more powerful than the other, every aspect has its pro's and con's...
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    Lightbulb search methodology

    Depends what I'm looking for, but my usual searches go through these mediums.

    Google Search
    Gnutella (Limewire client)
    AO Forum Search

    If I don't find what I need from those I search some other forums and sites, but rarely do I not find something after searching all of these (usually takes 1 or 2 at the most).
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