Auditory tracking - or focused listening - can affect all aspects of life, including physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health. Everyone listens to music differently and no two people - adults or children - will hear Mozart's music in the same way. The same music may sound very different after a big meal or while laying down daydreaming. It may not inspire "instant genius" but the music of Mozart prepares the mind and body for learning, creativity and rest.

Mozart's Violin Concertos may be the most nutritious music ever written for the brain and body. The high frequencies of the violins exercise the ears so that stimulation to the brain is balanced by the wonderful harmonies and interesting melodies.

Mozart has a simple yet remarkable way of being clear, organized and efficient while not overly emotional. His music enters the brain in ways that are subtle yet powerful. Even if Mozart may not be your favorite composer, the music builds a healthy environment where children can learn, listen, relax and create at their very best.

Why does the music of Mozart improve intelligence and help to develop the IQ? It has been discovered that from our earliest perceptions in the womb (after five months) we are aware of high frequencies. Two hundred years after Mozart's birth, Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French physician, began to research the relationship between listening and learning. He found that certain melodies (frequencies) help stimulate the language centers in the brain and that Mozart "charges the brain" while helping to develop speech, and improve movement. It has since been shown that Mozart helps us improve our visual perspective of the world.

In the early 1990's at the University of California at Irvine, a series of tests were given to students by Drs. Gordon Shaw and Frances Rauscher that showed that spatial intelligence was greatly enhanced by listening to Mozart for ten minutes before testing and during testing.

Don Campbell, author of "The Mozart Effect", a definitive work on the power of music to heal the body, strengthen the mind and unlock the creative spirit, has compiled some of the best of Mozart's music, specially selected to stimulate, inspire and harness maximum benefits for children.

The music on your audio tape has been carefully selected so that tempos, key signatures and the texture of the music change with each selection. The recording is designed to withstand repeated listening, with each listening session inviting new mental and creative stimulation.

Reduce STRESS through music ( Something everyone in the computer industry needs)

* Anxiety = Mozart's Laudate Dominum

* Depression = Phantom of the Opera & Pegasus

* Headaches = Mozart's Symphony No. 39

* Hypertension = Nat King Cole

* Mind calming = Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

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I've been listening to Moonlight Sonata for week ... i still feel like a dope !