I'm not able to use softice properly on windows xp with sp 1. All the tutorials tell me to load a program using the symbol loader, but I can't load ordinary programs (which dont have debug info) using symbol loader. And even when i load a program, softice doesnt automatically start. I'll have to press ctrl+d. and it wouldnt have loaded the program. And i dont know how else to load a program.just pressing f12 (or p ret) will cycle between diferent running programs, but it comes to a process called system a couple of times and my computer just freezes and i'll have to shutdown my computer dirtily. There was a file i had to install for it to work on windows xp sp 1 and i have installed it and it still doesnt work. And pretty much everything else the tutorials tell me to do wont work. Can someone please point me to a nice tutorial? or should i use something else for cracking? any info/opinion would be appreciated. thanks.