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Thread: windows 2000 shell/terminal services

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    windows 2000 shell/terminal services

    i'm basically looking for a secure way to have complete control over my system from a remote location w/ ability to also copy files over the net. what is the best way to have a control of windows 2000 from remote location? is it possible to run cmd w/ admin privileges remotely? can you copy files to local system? are these capabilities built in or do they require additional software?

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    Think about trying to run a secure FTP server?

    I've been using Cerberus FTP messing around to test bandwidth and stuff, but it seems to have the potential to do what you're looking for.

    EDIT: If you're looking for something in particular, post or PM me and I'll see what I can find. (Bored outa my mind)
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    try for PC anywhere,the trial version is free,
    no so sure abour the security issue

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    just wondering, But have you tried setting up a VPN on your network? of couse I am not sure you have a network or are you talking about a single machine. Just an idea.
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    pcanywhere can be setup with lots of different security features, encryption and you can have as many limitations on it as you want or dont want. It allows you to act as if you were in your office from at home or what ever the situation may be. I highly recommend it.

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    when your saying "remote" are you talking on the same network or across the internet?

    on a local network psexec works just fine for spawning a shell if you have permissions or the user name and password on the remote. of course for transfering files you could use a common network share or run a tftp server on you computer and use the remotes tftp client if you haven't removed it

    if your talking accross the internet, what about tight VNC or ssh.
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    Tedob1 beat me...VNC is one way to go, SSH is the other (SFU is free now...not Shut F$ck Up, but Services For Unix).

    Also, the Administration Pack or the Resource Kit has the RCMD command. VERY nice... you type C:\> rcmd \\remote-name and (given your credentials and settings are right) you get that remote command prompt. I doubt it is encrypted though.

    SSH2. It is your friend.
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