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    Unhappy best.globosearch.com

    After I removed GIGAsearch.biz in my internet explorer, a new spyware infects me. It opens the website best.globosearch.com even if I am not connected. I tried HijackThis, spybot search&destroy, but nothing works. Any possible solutions please reply. I'm using WindowsME, please tell me the process step by step.

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    Have you tried oh I dunno, let me see, oh wait, now I remember! It's a little thing I like to call "the obvious". Have you tried going to IE's properties and clearing everything out before trying to go online? How about fooling around the window's restore feature?

    Are you SURE HijackThis *cough "doesn't work"? Here is an idea, stop being a lame and useless ******* and post your HJT logs or something... ANYTHING besides whine and moan yada yada yada blah blah blah. ****! ****! AHHH!!! And next time install something like regprot and also something very tripwire(-ish). Oh wait, and stop going online using a full administrative account like the dumb ****-tard you are. Don't deny it... esspecially when you've got malware to prove it.

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    Get AdAware SE from lavasoft, update it and run it and SpyBot IN SAFE MODE (upper shift key whilst booting in ME......................just hold it down )

    Go here:


    And get the Ewido security suite, update and run in safe mode. You get the whole suite as a trial, but the manual scanner is free to update and use after the trial has expired. They also do a free online scan.

    Then go here:


    Download update and run in safe mode.

    If that doesn't work, post your HJT log (as an attachment please)

    Remember that a lot of this nonsense loads on boot-up so you need to use safe mode.

    It probably would be a good idea to update your AV and run that in safe mode as well.

    I would be inclined to use Mozilla/Firefox rather than IE.

    Then download and install these:

    You should monitor the registry and check for new programs:

    RegistryProt from DiamondCS http://www.diamondcs.com.au/

    This is also a useful tool that warns you of new executables on the block:


    Good luck

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