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Thread: Outlook2000 error.

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    Outlook2000 error.

    Quick question...

    I am running a 2003 exchange server.

    a client machine running xp pro can ping the server, but when I try to connect with outlook 2000 it gives me an error

    "can't open the information store"

    I have looked up this error but theres not much on it..Any ideas? DNS problem maybe?
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    Cant Open the Information Store

    could be a round-about way of saying permission denied ? or perhaps a service etc has gone corrupt (well, a setting was changed via auto updates ?)

    check Event Viewer and start at Application or System. If Exchange isnt even reporting an error, maybe its the client machine instead...

    hope i was helpful
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    Has it ever worked?

    Have you had a system crash?

    Seems like you have a corrupt database. Have you tried restoring back to the last known good one. I vaguely recall that there is some sort of recovery tool that lets you create a new database out of corrupted ones (exmerge?) I am not sure what you might lose in the way of data though.

    You might have a look on the MS support site to see if there is a recovery tool.

    Sorry, I can't remember any more. It wasn't my area, I only helped out on the odd occasion.

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    Nihil, you should ask if the it only happen to one or multiple client before offering this solution no?
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    Come to think of it, the tool I mention was for multiple servers (well that's what we had) I think. I never looked to see if it worked on a single one as well. Possibly not.

    This article looks relevant:


    Good luck

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    If it is only happening on one machine....as others have mentioned ...something has become corrupt...either the protocol or profile or both??

    Once I had to repair a W2k machine and after that it was unable to connect to the Exchange Server.

    All other network services worked, databases, shares, internet???

    I had to remove TCP\IP reboot then reinstall TCP\IP reboot..apply all SPs and Updates and it would finally connect.

    Also sometimes the Outlook profile can become corrupted...remove the profile and create a new one...user may lose signatures, rules and preferences but those can be recreated.

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