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Thread: Media state disconnected error

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    Exclamation Media state disconnected error

    OS: win xp/laptop pc/network adapter: 2wire wireless G/router: 2wire HomePortal
    I only have one computer connected using wireless connection. When I check on the wireless status it says "not connected".I tried starting wireless configuration thinking that It might solve the problem.I also tried to put my WEP key again.When I ran an IPCONFIG I got a message saying that the WIRELESS MEDIA STATE IS DISCONNECTED.I can't ipconfig/release and renew because media state is disconnected.I rebooted my pc and powercycle the router.I also disconnected and reconnected my wireless network adapter...still telling me that my wireless is not connected.What do I do?

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    You'll want to double check the following settings:

    1. DHCP is enabled in your wireless access point.
    2. Make sure that your wireless nic's mac address is allowed permission to connect.
    3. Generate a new wep key and distribute it to your laptop. If you've lost the old key somewhere, you don't want it in the wrong hands.
    4. Make sure that your laptop has the correct settings to connect to an Access Point or Ad-Hoc network.
    5. Make sure at least temporarily that you have ssid broadcast enabled on your Access Point, so it makes it easier for the client to connect. After your client is able to find the access point and connect using the new Wep key, all should be good and ssid broadcast can be disabled.

    Hope this works for you.

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