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    yahoo messenger

    Hey Everyone,

    Don't think i'm stupid for asking this question,but it's really buggin me!!My friend sent me a pm on my messenger and it was one of those pass along letters that usually say "your going to lose your b/f if you don't send this" but the one I got yesterday said to send it to everyone on my list and my buddy list would change so that i could see who all everyone on my list was talking to and if they're name changes. I thought that would be pretty neat so i sent it out well it didn't change my list or the girl who sent it to me,but one of the girls i sent it to said it worked and it was awesome I asked how she did it and she said her friend did it for her so she couldn't tell me.It's really bugging me i don't know how to change it or where to go to change it. If anyone knows what i'm talking about please pm me i would greatly appreciate any help I get!!!

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    Thats what i think it is ......................A Hoax So I suggest you Ignore it

    Sending a PM to everyone can't Change the Functionality of the Messenger .........and the Girl you are Talking about is Fooling you

    This though is a Popular Hoax has has been around for some time

    Rumour 2: A new type of buddy list! Just send a group message to 10 or more users!
    Sample Text:

    "Right click on your group name of your buddy list and check send this message to all the people in this group Copy this and send it to your friends in the group. If you send this msg to 10 people, a new type of buddy list will appear! It will tell you where someone is, who they are talking to, and if they have more than one screen name."

    Achieved: This is false, there is no such thing, even though the person sending you the message probably precedes the text with a statement such as "it actually works!". Again like the above, the user just hopes that the message somehow floods Yahoo! servers, and enjoys watching people unknowingly contribute more messages into the Yahoo! system. It's also possible under some conditions, sending such large amounts of messages could cause a temporary block on your account.
    Danger: In extreme circumstances, a temporary account lock.
    Yahoo! Hoaxes

    --Good Luck--

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